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Look Great With A New Haircut Style – Visit Our Hair Salon In Baltimore

Visiting a hair salon is always a pleasure, but visiting a hair salon in Baltimore, MD acquires a special meaning. In the city of Baltimore, MD, everyone wants to have the hair style of a favorite celebrity and to look like a movie star. There are a so many types of haircuts that are named after famous people who wore them, or the characters these celebrities played. Two examples of such haircuts are “Rachel” (Jennifer Anniston’s style worn in Friends) and “Farrah Fawcett,”(the style that the actress wore in Charlie’s Angels”). However, the most important thing when choosing a new hairstyle is that it suits you. You do not necessarily have to look like a certain celebrity in order to be beautiful. So, how can you choose the right type of hairstyle for you? Read some of our advices or visit our Baltimore hair salon and we will help you.

Some Basic Kinds Of Haircuts

Haircuts For Wavy Hair

In order to avoid the “mushroom” or “rounded” effect, wavy Professional Hair Weaving In Baltimore MDhair has to be cut in layers. It is very important how they are cut and where these layers are placed. They should be neither too numerous nor too short; they should be distributed throughout the exterior or interior of the hair. Razors can be used sometimes to add softness and definition. It is better for the wavy hair to be cut with scissors. If your hair is short, it should be cut in one length. Layers only give this kind of hair a rounded look. For the long hair, the recommended cut is long, graduated layers. A nice touch would be a sweeping bang or side-angled. Long layers are also the best option if you have shoulder-length hair.

Haircuts For Straight Hair

Straight hair has three big advantages – it is easy to style, it reflects light in a beautiful way and it almost never frizzles. To achieve a “blunt” look hair, the basic technique for cutting is cutting with dry scissors. Razors are not allowed. A few long layers can be added to your straight hair which will create movement and soften the lines. However, too many long layers can make your hair appear stringy. The best hairstyle for your long hair is called blunt base. A sweeping bang or heavy-straight can be added. If your hair is short, the Pixie cut is recommended (Ginnifer Goodwin, Pink). If you have shoulder-length hair, you can wear the classic blunt or any other variation of it. For example, the more graduated style, which is characterized by the hair being slightly longer in the front than in the back.

Haircuts For Curly Hair

If you have a curly hair, it needs to be cut wet. The The Best Hair Salon In Baltimore MDtechnique used for cutting it is called slicing or carving. Your stylist has to consider the diameter of the curl as well as its spring factor. If your hair is of medium length, curls should be sliced at different lengths (lla Catherine Heigl). If your hair is long, you can go blunt, with the outer layer sliced. (Nicole Kidman). If your hair is short you can go for the chin-length (Charlize Theron) or pixie cut (Halle Berry).

At Melessa’s Weave Palace, we are sure that each and every one of you can be a movie star with the right haircut. Visit our hair salon in Baltimore, MD or arrange an appointment at (410) 803-6856. Allow us to make you look your best. You can visit also our Middletown beauty salon or call us at (302) 376-5143.

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Melessa's Ultimate Hair Design

Types Of Hair We Sell (Wholesale & Retail)

  • Brazilian
  • Peruvian
  • Malaysian
  • Indian
  • Russian

Hair Weaving Services:

  • Full Sew In Weave
  • Partial Weave (Row by Row)
  • Natural Part Leave Out
  • Net Weaves
  • Lace Frontal Installation
  • Lace Closure Installation
  • 360 Installation
  • Full Lace Wigs Installation
  • Custom Made Wig Installation
  • Chronical Prosthesis (For severe hair loss clients, alopecia, female pattern baldness, lupus and suffering from an auto-immune hair disorder)

Multi Cultural Systems:

  • Infusion
  • Microlinks
  • Microbraids
  • Braidless Method Weaves
  • Halos

Non surgical Hair replacement Solutions for Men & Women ($50 consultation fee):

Available for special order. Must call for a special order

  • Chronical Prosthesis (For severe hair loss clients, alopecia, female pattern baldness, lupus and suffering from an auto-immune hair disorder)
  • Glueless Wig
  • Removable Custom Made Wig
  • Glueless Custom Made Lace Wig – This is great for women who have severe hair balding, alopecia, cancer, chemotherapy, lupus and suffering from an auto-immune hair disorder that causes hair loss.


  • Toupe Multi-cultural service for male pattern baldness, men who have up to 50% hair loss, hair loss on crown, hair loss that affects the top and front of the scalp
  • Chronical Prosthesis (For severe hair loss clients, alopecia, female pattern baldness, lupus and suffering from an auto-immune hair disorder)


Non surgical hair replacement for male & female


Cancer Patients Hair Service
We are certified experts in hair replacement for all of your medical conditions such as hair loss from cancer, alopecia, lupus, female hair pattern baldness,severe balding and thinning hair, hormonal imbalance and high blood pressure medicines.

We work by appointment
7 days a week
Bookings are recommended in advance.

We are now accepting insurance for medical hair replacement services. When booking your next appointment please call +1 (877) 9932-838

Looking for independent stylist, braiders, hair weaving technicians & nail technicians to be their own boss. Should have their following or clientele. Positions are open in both locations. No commission-based only straight rental. Call Ms. Freeman for more details.

1st time customer Relaxer Special $65 including Relaxer and Deep Conditioner - Monday to Thursday.

Nail Spa service is offering spa mini mani-pedi combos! $43 standalone, $40 combo special along with any additional hair service. Call on the same day for a special quote!

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We are a distributor of Halo Couture Extension Specialist, Available for purchase at the store, please call for additional information

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Services Offered:

Color Highlights
Razor Cutting
Quick Weaves
Micro Links
Dominican Blowout
Silk Press
Binding Wraps
Natural Hair Care
Locs Maintenance
Micro Beads
Lace Wig Application
Custom Made Wig
Lace Closure
Eye Lashes Extension
Eye Brow Arching
Make up
Makeup Artistry (MAC)
Hair Braiding
Micro Braiding
Long Braids
Senegalese Twists

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At our "Home of the Weave Palace", we specialize in all types of hair weaves: - Malaysian weaves - hair replacement - single rows - 100% human hair - full sewn in weaves - custom made hair wigs - extensions - strand by strand infusion and micro links - vixen hair weaving technique - braid less technique We specialize in braidless weaves

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Are you going natural and want to be relaxer free try our shampoo and blow dry $35 first time customer special. Our new Basic System straightener is available also. Call for details. Micro Braid, Kinky Twist, Senegalese Twist, Yarn Braids or Corn Rows With Appointment – Call on Wednesday Thursday and Friday For Specials $50 off Sew- In with purchase of hair $50 off Braidless Weaves or Micro Links with purchase of hair $43 Mini Mani/Pedi Combo CALL TODAY!