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The History of Braiding Around the World

How Did Hair Braiding Evolve in Time

For many people around the world braiding is more than just a hairstyle. It equals a cultural tradition which cuts across, economic, social, racial, and geographic lines. Today Melessa’s Ultimate Hair Design’s hair braiding specialist would like to share a few words about the history of braiding in each continent. We hope that you will find the following post useful!

Africa- African hair braiding patterns reveal an endless variety of hard to make geometrical designs, which were often related to the character of the person who wore them.

Egypt- In ancient Egypt braiding was reserved for royalties and for ceremonial rituals like childbirth, special birthdays, or even weddings.

America- Historically, most of the Native American children and women wore braids to symbolize religious rituals, and to prepare for war. Certain types of braidings showed whether a woman was single or married.

Europe – Various types of braids, which were easy to make,were often chosen by ordinary women for functional purposes, like keeping the hair clean for a longer period of time or out of the way while cleaning, cooking, baby sitting, or performing any other daily chores. According to the Medieval and Renaissance artwork, upper-class women were revealed by elaborate braids and styles.

The Braid Breakdown

There are hundreds of different types of braids, including French braids, Swiss braids, Dutch braids, English braids, multi-strand braids, fishtail braids, crown braids, etc. All of them, however, are variations of the traditional one. Currently, 11 states in the US have imposed a specialized license for hair braiders and 7 stains require braiders to obtain a full cosmetology license. 10 states specifically exempt hair braiders from cosmetology licensing laws, and in the other 22 states, the law remains silent on the issue. If you want to book a licensed braiding specialist in Middletown, DE, call (302) 376-5143!

A funny fact

When your hair is divided into even triangular or rectangular sections all over your head, with the hair of each section twisted together, this type of hairstyle is called Zulu knots or African knots in the US. In Africa, however, this type of hair braiding is surprisingly called “chicken poop”.

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We are certified experts in hair replacement for all of your medical conditions such as hair loss from cancer, alopecia, lupus, female hair pattern baldness,severe balding and thinning hair, hormonal imbalance and high blood pressure medicines.

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